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Helping keep your family as safe as ours

Giving you peace of mind when your loved ones are away

Simple, modern and very easy to use

Who am i? iD USB holds a persons key information, including any Medication or Allergy information which may proves vital in an Emergency. The USB also contains contact details of loved ones in case they need to be contacted on your behalf.

The Who Am I USB snapbands, key fobs and dog tags all come preloaded with a contact details form, allowing you to complete them easily as soon as they arrive.

You can choose to put as little or as much information as you wish, with photos optional and of course, the all important contact details.

No sensitive information is required so should the USB be lost or stolen there is no information they could use, other than to return it to you.



About Us

We are two couples from Yorkshire who met, as many do because their children started school together. Our two families soon became friends and as the children got older we often had to support each other when they left for school trips and suddenly began to hang out with friends.

The realisation that we could no longer be there with them all the time, and that they no longer wanted us to be, talk soon turned to “how do we keep them safer?” and know that we can always be contacted if something happened to them.

Mobile phones, a perfect solution except when they are away with school and cannot be taken or out at a concert, football game or in a busy shopping centre. How could we know that if something happened to them we could be contacted? That is when we started Who-Am-I.

Simple devices that can hold contact information (nothing sensitive) but information that would be useful to help them or someone on their behalf contact home.

It didn’t stop there, what about if one of our dogs go missing, what if our now more elderly parents wander off, or worse take a fall. With the Who Am I ID USB whoever finds them, could find out how to contact home in a matter of minutes.

So selfishly this started out as looking out for our own loved ones, but now we hope we can help look after yours too.

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